Peta Lehoczky - Healthy beach living in the far south coast of NSW
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lehoczkyfamily-003FAMILY, SURF, LOVE… MY 3 PASSIONS FOR LIFE! I’m not a professional surfer, but I am dedicated to getting people motivated to try this sport, and others. I want to encourage mums, dads, kids, extended family and friends…whoever you are, to get out there and give life a go. I am a working mother of 2, and I want to join in on all of my family’s activities, especially SURFING, SKATING and SNOWBOARDING! I don’t want to sit by and watch them have all the fun, always thinking, “Gosh, I wish I was young again!”. I’m not one for regrets. Family Surf Love is about the new lifestyle I am trying to take on, and I want to share it with you and hopefully inspire you!

My name is Peta, and I am in my late 30’s. I have 2 beautiful children (Mr Energetic and Little Miss Cheeky), and a wonderful husband who has an enthusiastic approach to life. I love hanging out with my family, friends, chilling at the beach, eating beautiful food and staying active. I am extremely lucky to call the Sapphire coast of NSW my home, where there is endless beauty and places to explore.

Check out my blog and stay up to date with my adventures! I hope to post about my progress in learning to surf, skate and snowboard, my frustrations and joys, lessons learnt, and my talks to inspiring people along the way. I’m a beginner in all of these sports. I’m still learning, but I keep telling myself I will rip it one day. I hope you enjoy it!


“The purpose of life is to live, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” Eleanor Roosevelt.

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