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Dear Santa…

Santa Claus is coming to the beach…


Can you believe it’s December and Christmases only 6 days away. There are so many wonderful presents out there I find it so hard to choose. I came up with a couple of my favourites and thought I would share, just incase you need a few cheeky ideas for your loved ones or a sneaky little present for yourself.



1)   Hive Swimwear – Sick of losing your swimmers in the surf, these swimmers stick and this is what they were designed for. They come in stunning designs inspired by the northern QLD. Best of all they cater for all shapes and sizes.
2)   Smooth Star Skateboards–  These awesome little skateboards are designed specifically to help you train out of the water and improve your turning. So when there is no swell you can still practice your surf moves.
3)  Chic Surf School – spoil yourself or a loved one with a gift voucher to get them in the water.
4)  Surf Mud Natural Zinc– Made by surfers for surfers. Want a Zinc that will last for hours with no nasty chemicals. This is zinc for you. Even better it’s an Aussie brand and Aussie made.
5)  Joyce-Mag – This is the newest all girls surf magazine. Find out whats happening in the surfing world and grab a subscription.
6)  Wax Buddy– made of recycled plastics these little wax removers can clean your board and rails without the annoying combs sticking into your hands. Every purchase is helping to clean up the oceans bit by bit.
7)  Skull Candy Wireless Headphone – Who doesn’t love to listen to some beats while there are at the beach or working out. These are super cute and practical as well. No hanging cords to annoy  you and you can leave your phone in your beach bag avoiding a sand disaster.
8The beach people – I love round towel and the beach people have a large range of beautiful designs. Who doesn’t love sitting on the beach on a spectacular towel. 
9) Tarryn Lucas active wear – These gorgeous shorts make you feel like your at the beach all the time. For running, swimming, working out or even surfing the quick dry material is awesome.Tarryn has so many beautiful designs it’s hard to choose. She is even releasing a new pair of shorts this month. Watch her Facebook and Instagram pages for the new release.


Happy shopping all..



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