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Summer Holiday Adventures.

Wahoo!! The summer holidays are here. I never thought I’d be as excited as Mr Energetic about summer holidays, but I think I was even more excited than him.

As Mr Energetic’s last week of kindy was finishing up, memories of my own childhood started popping up. Do you remember the last week of school and the excitement that use to linger? For me it was triggered by the smells of summer, seeing artwork being pulled down from the classroom walls and the sound of ceiling fans at full speed with the lights turned off to make the classrooms feel cooler.

Then came his last day of school … sadly, it felt like autumn had returned. It was dark, cloudy, wet and a cold southerly had hit us. What was this? This isn’t how the last day of school in summer should be! It should have been hot, flies buzzing around, lunch time ice blocks and playing till you drop. Thankfully Mr Energetic didn’t care one little bit, it’s not like he had built up any sort of expectation for the last day of school. This was his first time round. All he knew was that he had one day left and then he was on holidays. He was just sad that he couldn’t see his friends everyday and would now have to hang out at home. Poor Mr Energetic, if only I had of recorded him when he said he would much prefer to be at school than at home. I can’t wait to remind him of this in a couple of year’s time.

Silly me though, I started telling him of all the adventures he was going to have this summer. I should have kept my mouth shut right there and then but no I had to keep pumping him up didn’t I. Of course he was pumped; he then proceeded to tell me how we were going to keep track of these wonderful adventures he was going to have. He came up with the brilliant idea of making a list so he could tick them off as we did them.

Can you tell this is my first summer holidays? I think someone should have written a parenting book on ‘Summer Vacation Survival 101’. I’m sure there would be a small section on how not to over commit. HA!! OVER COMMIT!! It’s almost like a little challenge to see how much you can do.
Have you had to write a list?
When I suggested to Mr Energetic that we could just practice his surfing everyday, he simply said ‘Mum, I’ll tell you when I’m ready to surf everyday’… Hmmm… this was not the sort of response I was hoping for. So, I’m now starting my list and I’m already tired thinking about it, but I’m still so stoked at the same time. So much fun to be had!!

The summer adventures of Mr Energetic and Little Miss Cheeky.

1. Camping.
2. Go to as many different beaches in the area as we can. Time to hit up locals on some secret spots.
3. Kayaking.
4. Stand Up Paddle Boarding.
5. Visit the Marine Discovery Centre.
6. Head to the city for a mini getaway.
7. Practicing white wash surfing.
8. Check out Bermagui rock swimming pool.
9. Try out a bit of art.
10. A trip to Mogo Zoo.
11. Many trips to the Skate Park.
12. Learn how to snorkel.
13. Send them to my dad to teach them how to fish and hopefully bring dinner home.

Ok let’s see how we go. I’ll keep you posted on how we go achieving our wish list.



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