Women's Surf and Wellness Camp presented by Chix Surf School
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All Women’s Surf and Wellness Camp comes to Merimbula…


After a couple of months of planning, the first 5-day ‘All Women’s Surf and Wellness Camp – Merimbula by Chix Surf School’ came together. There were 21 ladies who were eager to lap up all the knowledge and advice Gee could give to them. The camp was set up to cover all ranges of ability from beginner, intermediate and advanced, with a maximum of 7 women per group. Running smaller groups ensured that Gee could focus and help each person individually.

At first I was very nervous as these women had paid for the camp not knowing whether they would be getting value for money, or even if this coach from the city was going to be the right person for them. Their participation was solely due to the praise I gave after my experience with Gee. Furthermore, what if there weren’t any waves and the wind was blowing a gale? With surfing there are so many variables that are totally out of our control. Lets’ just say I didn’t sleep very well the night before the first session.


Before the camp kicked off we had a meet and greet with the coaching team at Merimbula Wharf and Aquarium. This gave the coaching team time to be introduced to the ladies and also give everyone a run down of the camp. We were very spoilt by the owners Sally and Anthony who donated their time but also some very yummy nibblies. As group we were able to talk about the expectations and also a little bit of a background to each of the surfers. The camp was officially opened.

The first day finally arrived and, thank you Mother Nature, there were waves! Not just any waves, perfect waves!! From there on, the camp ran perfectly and each person gained so much out of the whole experience. Each day the waves got better and allowed each person to push themselves just that bit more than usual. The video feedbacks were so much fun and made a massive difference to each of us. Small subtle changes can make the world of difference, along with trying to correct some bad habits that can usually hold you back. We definitely had our fair share of bloopers and over the falls action! One of the ladies had the most amazing wipe out when she mistimed her position on the wave and ended up going over the falls. Somehow, she managed to hold onto her board, flip back into position, caught the whitewash which then reformed into a small wave, and (I don’t know how she did it) successfully rode the wave to the beach! We couldn’t help but replay this action over and over again.


As part of the program, we had an “on land Smoothstar training”. Just like myself the ladies were equally nervous about riding the Smoothstar as many of them had either had a bad experience on a skateboard or never even been on a skateboard. As the guys from Smoothstar reminded us, we were lucky Smoothstars weren’t skateboards, so there shouldn’t be anything to worry about. It didn’t take long before the ladies had it. They were creating their own speed and learning to do turns by the end of the first session, and by the second session they were having races! The guys from Smoothstar had even more of a challenge when one of the ladies explained she rides a skateboard and snowboard as a natural, but surfs goofy. The challenge was accepted and after a bit of help the back to front skater killed it and was riding it goofy-footed with no problem at all. Whilst we were having a blast with all of our surfing and on land training, it was hard work and to say we were exhausted by the end of the day would be an understatement. Thankfully, we have an AMAZING community who got behind us and supported us by sponsoring each day with food and coffee vouchers.


Each morning after we were finished our surf session, we were fed by the amazing Chantal from XO Foods, who provided us with handmade boutique toasted muesli and Burcher muesli, served with yoghurt and fresh fruit.  I love XO Foods as their products contain no preservatives, no additives and no nasties. I especially love that there is also a range of gluten free options, so we were able to cater for everyone. Not only was Chantal beyond generous with supplying our very hungry crew, but she had also thought about how hard we were working all day and supplied us with snack pack of muesli with turmeric to help aid with inflammation. Seriously, if you can get your hands on this muesli, you will never go back to normal supermarket stuff again! While we ate our delicious breakfasts we were also treated to fresh coffee at the Bar Beach Kiosk. If you’ve never been to Merimbula, this is one of the best places to chill out by the beach. I think the guys from Sydney were a little shocked by how cool this place was.

XO Foods

For our lunches we were able to refuel and chill out together to reflect upon our morning sessions. The first day we were thrilled to check out the newly opened café in town – The Sun Deck. This place is gorgeous, with light spilling in from everywhere creating a beautiful atmosphere. The food is delicious with again a range of gluten free options and the best juices in town. Our next lunch stop was the newly renovated cafe – The Rock Pool Cafe at Club Sapphire. The new courtyard area has a lovely relaxed atmosphere which was great for a very loud laughing group of women. Once again the food did not disappoint and there was a range of light food and yummy burgers to choose from. Everyone walked away feeling very content and ready for their afternoon sessions. Our last lunch destination was The Waterfront Cafe, which is a local favourite and is a treat to visit. It has one of the best locations in the main street right on the edge of the lake with amazing views. The food is divine and with their ever changing seasonal menu, there is always an array of choices. I can’t thank all of these wonderful businesses enough for all of their support. We would have been very tired and hungry surfers without you!


To make our weekend camp happen, we also had the amazing support from the following businesses who donated raffle prizes, awards and gifts for our ladies.

Thank you so much to:
Merimbula Wharf and Aquarium                                                                Wheeler’s Restaurant 
The Pictureshow Man                                                                                     Salt Gyspy  – Surf Clothes
Billabong Australia                                                                                          Thank you Water
Hivita Womens Multi Vitamins                                                                    Live it, Do it!
Good Medicine Magazine                                                                               Dusty Girls Make-up
Isowhey                                                                                                              Moogoo Skincare
Nuzest – Clean Lean Protein                                                                          TOM Organics
Tranquil Beauty Merimbula                                                                          Angi High Photography

Natvia                                                                                                                 Raw C – Coconut Water


So, after a massive weekend and a lot of surfing, the first “All Women’s Surf and Wellness Camp” presented by Chix Surf School was an amazing success and we can’t wait to bring Gee back next year for the 2018 camp! Hope to see some new recruits then!




Until next time………



  • Jen
    Posted at 08:38h, 25 May Reply

    Love the write up! ? Such an amazing weekend. Thanks again for organising and your never-ending enthusiasm. xo

  • D at Be you and thrive
    Posted at 12:58h, 25 May Reply

    Omgosh! This looks beyond incredible! And how fun to do it with a group of women!! Thanks for sharing Peta!! xo~D

    • Peta
      Posted at 07:02h, 26 May Reply

      Thanks so much.. We had an absolute ball..

  • Angi High
    Posted at 06:25h, 26 May Reply

    thanks for letting me come along and photograph you girls, it was relaxing-enjoyable-inspirational……can’t wait till the next adventure xo angi

    • Peta
      Posted at 07:02h, 26 May Reply

      You’re the best.. Thanks for being part of it all…

  • jessica
    Posted at 12:19h, 26 May Reply

    this sounds incredible, what a fun retreat!

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